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Just give me five minutes, I can come up with something else. I only need pen and paper, and someone to... write down my ideas.



- Tony Harrison

This is a quick digital sketch I did of myself. It was a while ago but I still like it. I really should do a more up to date one, without looking so broody.


If you're interested in more art by me you can click on my gallery in the top right, or simply click here.

This is Jemma ^

She's a dog

She thinks she's a bat though, and likes to hang upside down.

Now that you know something personal about me, I would like to introduce myself. I am Robb, or Robert Kempinski if you'd like to be technical. I like to draw and make things. I am currently studying Computer Game Art at Teesside university.


I am for freelance hire to produce any digital images or 3D assets. Contact me here.


I like video games, and I think they are the perfect medium for storytelling. I want to make games in the future, and am working on a few things which I hope come together. In fact I'm doing an interactive story using twine, which the work in progress version can be found here (note it's not very long at the moment, VERY WIP).

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